True Romance

Love, in this summer night, do you recall
Midnight, and Venice, and those skies of June
Thick-sown with stars, when from the still lagoon
We glided noiseless through the dim canal?
A sense of some belated festival
Hung round us, and our own hearts beat in tune
With passionate memories that the young moon
Lit up on dome and tower and palace wall.
We dreamed what ghosts of vanished loves made part
Of that sweet light and trembling, amorous air.
I felt in those rich beams that kissed your hair,
Those breezes, warm with bygone lovers’ sighs-
All the dead beauty of Venice in your eyes,
All the old loves of Venice in my heart.

(Night in Venice by John Hay)

It is the city that paints itself. It had such a great vibe to it that I fell in love with this place immediately. Behind every corner of the city, a scene worthy of a postcard reveals itself.

This place has to be on your list to celebrate your 5th or 10th marriage anniversary. I say 5th or 10th because that is when couples need to spend quality time together & relieve their small moments again which helps in strengthening the relationship and Venice is able to provide the perfect ambiance for a true romance.

I have used the word “Romance” on purpose. For me “Love” & “Romance” have different meanings. Love is the primary stage of any relationship but Romance is that part of relationship which helps the Love to increase over the years.

Late spring and early summer are the best times to visit as far as weather is concerned. But the city during these beautiful warm days is packed with tourists, meaning that there can be long waits to enter museums and sights. Also during this peak time, finding accommodations – budget or otherwise – can be a challenge.

The simplicity of Venice is its ultimate sophistication.

The simplicity of Venice is its ultimate sophistication.

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