Don’t You Think?

Sitting with her

As he threw pebbles in the pond

creating ripples.

she said

you are engaging in futility

Don’t you think?

Why do you need things to change?

Why not let status quo remain?

What won’t change, won’t change ever

The pond won’t change and let the pebble float

it would always sink, Don’t you think?

He took her hand in his hand & whispered 

Look he said as he threw a pebble in the pond

watching the pebble hold the storm

dancing from ripple to ripple

the pebble danced all along

Kissing the rising waves

Caressing the ebbing waves

trying to hold her ground

the little pebble, drowned
sinking with the sucking craves

It lived the moment,

caressing each and every drop

feeling his soul in every flop

fully aware of the consequences

realising the inferences

never to come back on ground

the pebble would lie in her pond
He looked at her and said

life my dear does not give the same inferences

utilities and futilities are personal references

Futile things are better known to satisfy

Since they don’t give, they don’t deprive

it’s not a question of what I think

the pebble always knew it would sink

but that’s what love is all about

don’t you think?

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