I started writing this blog post on the night of 16th April 2018 and revisited it today again. This lockdown that we are in right now made me pick my hobby of writing again and after many versions thrown down the dustbin in the past few hours I decided that yes this is it. This is article is ready to be posted. I hope anyone who is reading this likes it.


Sunflower flavoured with orange dots

Scented with yellow flowers

Floating in the air

As she dances on his heart

Leaving marks of her soft paws behind
The cat meows softly in his ear

Her softness makes him dream

her scent makes him drunk

as he grapples with the dream

she lashes with the yellow flower at his heart

and plucks it out on her paw

breathing gently life into it

with each kiss that she grants

he lives with the yellow sunflower

breathing orange dots

taking each warm breathe from her lips

right into his heart.

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