Father – A Living God In True Sense!

I had decided sometime back that I shall be writing down my random thoughts but didn’t think that I will start with this post.

I have two random thoughts that are in my drafts waiting to be published. But well this has become the first in the series of Random Thoughts. I will get straight to the point from where this topic came to my mind.

Even if you don’t like serious drama movies I highly recommend you to watch The Judge because the following things I’m going to say in my post below has been inspired from the movie. The Judge has the best and the most real portrayal of Father – Son relationship. I watched it for the third time on the flight back to Mumbai from Delhi and boy I’m in love with this movie all over again. This time I couldn’t resist but jotting down some points I could relate to from the movie.

Things I picked up from the movie about fathers:

He will shout at you, demean you in front of others, he may make you fall on the ground also. But just so that you become a better version of yourself.

He will make you feel small about yourself only to make you stay on your ground and not think something great about yourself. This he does so that you keep working hard everyday to lead a better life that he has dreamt for you.

He may never show that he needs you but trust me he needs you a lot more than anything in life. He perfectly hides his emotions in front of you but has exact feelings for you like your mother.

He may be the most critical person you will ever come across in life but he is also the best critic you will ever have. The things that he asks you to change in yourself is not for his selfish motive but he wants to see you become something that he couldn’t become.

Go home today or Go to his room today and hug him and also start becoming a person he dreams for you to become because after 20 years you will remember him and thank me for all that he did when you were young.

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